Aiding the Organs of Elimination

The main organs of elimination of toxins from the body are the skin, kidneys, liver, lungs and colon. When any of these routes of elimination get blocked it can lead to an unnatural accumulation of toxins in the body. These toxins may be the cause of many symptoms and diseases. That is to say that your present health concerns may be the result of toxic accumulations in your tissues. 

Below are some simple tasks that can be performed during a cleansing diet (or at any time) to aid these organs in eliminating toxic accumulation. It is important to do all of these tasks during a cleansing diet so that the cleanse can bring you closer to health. It is important to provide an avenue for any toxins freed up during the cleanse to exit the body. Six tasks are described below and with the exception of the enema, done only on days specified by your physician and the type of cleansing diet you are doing, all other tasks should be done each day.

Dry Skin Brushing (1 minute):

Obtain a loofah sponge or natural sea sponge from the medicinary or the local health food store. Before each shower, gently rub your dry skin with the dry sponge. Start at your hands and work towards your chest. Then rub from your feet, up your legs, abdomen, and towards your heart. Don’t forget your back and buttocks. Use light pressure. Now you are ready to follow the hydrotherapy instructions for your shower.

Hydrotherapy (10 minutes):

This is the simple application of alternating hot and cold water in the shower or bath each day. Perform three cycles of three minutes hot and 30 seconds cold. End the third cycle on cold just before you get out of the shower. You do not have to use extremes of temperature for this to be helpful. Use temperatures that you can tolerate. You may also want to start by just applying cold to certain parts of the body (arms and legs). Oddly enough, you may find the cold very invigorating.

Enema (1 hour):

This is to be performed when advised by your doctor. It is specific to the type of cleanse you are doing. You can purchase an enema bag from the your local drugstore.

  • Fill the enema bag with warm water (about 4 cups).
  • Apply a lubricant to the tip of the plastic catheter that is to be inserted into your anus.
  • Hang the enema bag near the showerhead to help facilitate the flow.
  • Take off your clothes and get into the tub on your hands and knees.
  • Insert the catheter into your anus and open the flow of the water (see instructions with enema bag).
  • Try to hold the water in.
  • Close the flow when you feel like you cannot hold in any more water.
  • Shortly thereafter, eliminate the contents of your colon into the toilet.
  • Repeat until all the water has been emptied from the bag.
  • Stay close to the toilet for the next 1⁄2 hour, as you may need to empty the remaining contents without much warning.

Breathing Exercises: (3 minutes):

While you are in bed with the castor oil pack on your stomach is a good time to do the breathing exercises. Place your hand on your abdomen and inhale in such a way that your hand rises. At the peak of your inhale, try to inhale three more times consecutively. Now, forcefully exhale. At the peak of the exhale, try to blow out the remaining air in your lungs with three short exhales. Repeat this for five cycles.

Exercise: (20 minutes at least):

Walking, Yoga, Qigong, or other full-body, aerobic exercise is important every day.

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