Fermented Foods

Ferments & Cultured Food Fermented and cultured foods are rich in probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Plus they’re exceptionally easy to prepare. I use a vegetable fermenter for my probiotic foods as fermentation is much more reliable and less likely to become contaminated, you can buy these kitchen gadgets online.

1) Hot Chili Sauce

Seasoned with fresh garlic this fermented hot chili sauce is rich in flavor, bright and fiery. Use it in strict moderation to add flavor and heat to your meals. You’ll notice that the flavor of this sauce is more uniquely complex than vinegary sauces you can purchase at the grocery store.

2) Fermented Garlic Scapes

Choose just the tenderest and youngest flowers for these pickled garlic scapes, leaving the scape’s woody stem for use in a natural probiotic, fermented relish, or use fresh. These pickled scapes are strongly flavored and deeply robust with garlic flavor. You can always add spices to the mixture as well, dill and bay do nicely, but garlic lovers will revel in the simple combination of scape, salt, and starter.

3) Raw Milk Yogurt

Raw milk yogurt is deeply nutritious and deeply satisfying, combining the wholesome nutrients found in the fresh milk from grass-fed animals such as conjugated linoleic acid and fat-soluble vitamins with the benefits of friendly bacteria and food enzymes. It is a fresh and simple luxury.

4) Home-cured Corned Beef

Prepared without nitrate or nitrate salts, this recipe for home-cured beef is quite simple to prepare, requiring little preparation – just good, wholesome ingredients. Homemade Horseradish A homemade horseradish recipe produced through the time-honored technique of fermentation.

5) Probiotic Apple & Beetroot Relish

Seasoned with cloves and star anise, probiotic apple and beetroot relish is a naturally fermented vegetable side dish that combines fresh apples and beetroot. Milk Kefir A complete ecosystem in and of itself, milk kefir is a nutrient-dense food – rich in beneficial bacteria and B vitamins including folate.

6) Sour Pickles

Naturally fermented and richly flavored with pickling spices, garlic and dill, these sour pickles are a delicious summertime treat. Moroccan Preserved Lemons Savory, salty and just a bit tangy, these preserved lemons are a Moroccan specialty and are super-rich in vitamin C and probiotics. You can even eat the rind! Real Sauerkraut Cabbage and unrefined sea salt are all you need to prepare this traditional, naturally fermented real sauerkraut.

7) Sauerkraut

Despite its German name, Sauerkraut likely originates from China, well before the building of the great wall. Its made from finely-cut cabbage that is then fermented to give it a unique sour flavor.

Checkout our Sauerkraut recipe to learn how to make it yourself!

8) Pickled Jalapeños

Explosively hot, and fantastic in Latin American dishes, these pickled jalapeños are naturally fermented through lactic acid fermentation.

9) Coconut Milk Yogurt With A Thermophilic (Heated) Yogurt Culture

Coconut Milk Yogurt is an excellent alternative to traditional dairy-based yogurt if you are trying to remove dairy from your diet.

It takes a little longer to ferment than dairy-based yogurt, but is very easy to make and can even be done without a yogurt maker.

10) Kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish made with salted and fermented vegetables, such as cabbage, radish, and various seasonings. 

Kimchi is an excellent source of Vitamin A, B1, B2, and can help keep your gut and immune system healthy.