Our Services

Naturopathic Health

We believe that the patient is a person and not a disease and focus on treating the patient, not the disease. Using diet, nutrition, herbs, and when appropriate pharmaceuticals, our doctors will journey with you to achieve optimal well-being in a holistic manner that takes into account all aspects of your health. The patient is the center of our focus and we utilize holistic solutions to improve the health of our patients. Let us help you along your healthy-living journey.

Physical Therapy

We still have Dr. Coriano in our office but he will be operating under a new company called Healing Motion Physical Therapy. This change allows Dr. Coriano to see patients with nearly all insurances through their physical therapy benefits. This will help clear confusion on billing and scheduling between Dr. West and Dr. Coriano. That being said, if you are coming in for a visit and have PT and injections ON THE SAME DAY and you have a copay, there is a chance you will have to pay two copays for both the PT visit and a visit with Dr. West. We are excited for this new change to allow Dr. Coriano to continue to give highly personalized treatment to patients and not be limited by certain insurances. To make appointments with Dr. Coriano please call Healing Motion PT at 971-301-6225.